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At Magarpatta Clubs & Resorts Private Limited, we believe that every moment should be infused with warmth, comfort, and exceptional service. With a rich legacy spanning across the realms of restaurants, corporate catering kitchens, and a prestigious 118-key business hotel nestled within the heart of Magarpatta City in Pune, we have redefined the art of hospitality.


Elevating Experiences, Enriching Moments: We commit to crafting exceptional stays, delectable dining, and impeccable corporate hospitality, fostering unforgettable memories for every guest.

Hospitality Redefined, Culinary Excellence, Unparalleled Service: Our mission is to redefine hospitality through exquisite accommodations, exceptional dining options, and unmatched service, catering to both leisure and business needs.


Bridging Comfort and Flavourful Journeys: Our vision is to be the paramount choice in hospitality, seamlessly intertwining luxurious comfort with culinary journeys that delight the senses.

Inspiring Togetherness, Exceeding Expectations: We envision becoming a symbol of togetherness and surpassing expectations in hospitality, setting industry standards through our exceptional hotels, restaurants, and catering services.


Where Every Stay is a Story, and Every Meal a Memory: Crafting stories through stays and memories through meals, we stand by our motto to create experiences that linger forever.

Elegance in Stay, Excellence in Taste: With elegance woven into every stay and excellence infused into every taste, our motto embodies the essence of our hospitality brand.

Our Passion

Passion is the driving force behind everything we do. We are not just in the business of serving food and providing accommodation; we are in the business of creating cherished memories. Our team is united by a shared commitment to deliver nothing short of perfection. From the ingredients we choose, to the intricacies of interior design, to the personalized care we extend to each guest, our passion radiates in every facet of our hospitality offerings.

 Magarpatta Clubs & Resorts Story

Our Story

Established with a vision to craft unforgettable experiences, Magarpatta Clubs & Resorts Private Limited has evolved into a cornerstone of hospitality excellence since its inception. What began as a small eatery has flourished into a multi-faceted hospitality brand, gracing the culinary and lodging landscape with innovation, authenticity, and dedication.

Dedication to Excellence

Dedication to Excellence

Our passion for perfection is evident in every detail. From the meticulously crafted dishes in our restaurants to the plush comfort of our accommodations, we leave no stone unturned in our quest for excellence.

Unparalleled Service

Unparalleled Service

Our team of seasoned professionals is united by a common goal – to exceed expectations. We pride ourselves on delivering personalized service that anticipates needs and leaves a lasting impression.

Innovative Concepts

Innovative Concepts

Innovation is the heartbeat of our company. We continuously explore new horizons, infusing creativity into our offerings to ensure that each experience is unique and captivating.

Our Brands

Mr. Yogesh Magar

Mr. Yogesh Magar

Director & Founder of MCRPL

In the dynamic world of hospitality, Mr. Yogesh Magar stands as a beacon of innovation and success. As the Director of Magarpatta Clubs & Resorts Private Limited (MCRPL), a company that came into existence in 2003, his visionary leadership has transformed the landscape of hospitality, introducing a blend of luxury, cultural richness, and impeccable service.

A distinguished alumnus of IHM Mumbai, Mr. Yogesh Magar's journey through the hospitality industry has been one of continuous learning and growth. His thirst for knowledge and passion for delivering exceptional experiences led him to further pursue a post-graduate degree from the prestigious International Management Institute in Lucerne, Switzerland. Armed with international insights and a deep-rooted understanding of the nuances of the hospitality sector, Mr. Yogesh Magar embarked on a remarkable journey.

Under his astute guidance, MCRPL has flourished and expanded, boasting an impressive portfolio of brands that cater to a diverse range of preferences. Deccan Harvest, one of the cherished brands under MCRPL, is an embodiment of culinary finesse, offering gastronomic delights that captivate the taste buds of connoisseurs and casual diners alike. Megameals, another jewel in the crown, redefines convenience by providing meticulously crafted meals that align with modern lifestyles.

Cocoon Hotel, a name synonymous with luxury and relaxation, reimagines hospitality with elegance and opulence. Its exquisite offerings provide a retreat for those seeking an escape from the mundane. And then comes Wah! Marathi, a brand that encapsulates the vibrant spirit of Maharashtra's culture and cuisine, bringing the essence of the region to life through its distinctive offerings.

Mr. Yogesh Magar's remarkable ability to understand the pulse of the market and anticipate evolving trends has enabled these brands to not only endure but also thrive in a competitive industry. His commitment to quality, innovation, and guest satisfaction has set new benchmarks, positioning MCRPL as a trailblazer in the hospitality and leisure domain.

Beyond his achievements in the corporate world, Mr. Yogesh Magar is also known for his philanthropic endeavours, contributing positively to the community, and fostering sustainable practices within the industry. His holistic approach to business, encompassing both social responsibility and commercial success, serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and hospitality enthusiasts.

In conclusion, Mr. Yogesh Magar's journey from his education at IHM Mumbai and IMI Lucerne to his directorial role at MCRPL is a testament to his dedication, vision, and leadership. His influence extends not only across his brands but also across the industry, leaving an indelible mark on the world of hospitality and leisure.

We believe that learning is constant and we continuously strive to evolve our offerings on the table.
Corporate Catering Kitchen

Corporate Catering Kitchen

Elevate your corporate events with our exquisite catering services. Our corporate catering kitchen is a realm of culinary mastery, where business and gourmet expertise converge. We understand that every event is a reflection of your brand, and we take pride in delivering catering experiences that leave a lasting impression.

The Business Hotel

The Business Hotel

Immerse yourself in the epitome of refined hospitality at our 118-key business hotel. Located within the bustling hub of Magarpatta City in Pune, our hotel is designed to cater to the needs of modern-day business travelers. With state-of-the-art amenities, elegant meeting spaces, and a seamless blend of comfort and sophistication, our hotel is your home away from home.

Our Commitment

At Magarpatta Clubs & Resorts Private Limited, our commitment to quality, integrity, and innovation is unwavering. We are more than a hospitality company; we are a family that takes pride in exceeding expectations. Whether you are savouring a gourmet meal at our restaurants, entrusting us with your corporate event, or unwinding in the luxurious embrace of our hotel, your satisfaction is our greatest achievement.

Join Us in the Journey

As we continue to shape the future of hospitality, we invite you to be a part of our journey. Indulge in our culinary creations, host your events with us, and experience hospitality at its finest. Discover the allure of Magarpatta Clubs & Resorts Private Limited – where each moment is an opportunity to create lasting memories.

Welcome to the world of Magarpatta Clubs & Resorts Private Limited, where hospitality knows no bounds.
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